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Re: court trial against me - the outcome

Wilfred L. Guerin wrote:
> I am sincerely concerned about the following issue:
> "address and identity used are from the cow town next door"
> Please explain for us the failures of your tor implementation to
> properly mix and distribute the content, and why (moreso how) such an
> event occured?

Are you sure you read Mirko's mail? The *entire* mail?
If so, I would advise you to go back and read it *again*. Slowly this
time. Pay close attention to who did what.
Sorry if I'm being rude, but your mail shows you have neither understood
the original post, nor read the follow ups. You really should consider
doing so before posting on a mailing list. Saves a lot of valuable time
for the rest of the world.
Now back to topic, please. This issue is far too serious to lose track of.