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Re: Tor blocking german nodes

On Nov 22, 2007 12:20 PM, kazaam <kazaam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi
> On Thu, 22 Nov 2007 19:36:31 +0100
> "Michael Schmidt" <schmidtm524@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > please do not attach germany to fascism, this shows only our broen view.
> Thats my opinion of someone who has to do with law and as a german.
> > blocking nodes in the EU from ourside EU is nonsense and does not help the
> > network, e.g. you are destroying the network by itself, i tis only a risk,
> > if someone is in the EU an Exitnode.
> > Forwarding nodes are needed and if there is no logging, this is the own risk
> > of the mantainer.
> First this is a german problem and not one of the EU. The EU-guideline doesn't contain anything about the logging of anonymising services. This is just and only in the german implementation of this guideline into national law. Other EU-countries like NL didn't do this. So far as said only germany took hands on anonymisers and they are definitly not forced to do so by the EU. Second the problem is not only with Exit-nodes. All german nodes (entry,middle and exit) are forced to log who connected to them and what they manipulated on the packet. So if you are accidently just connected to german nodes they got you. There's afaik no way in tor to prevent that this happens. Maybe blocking all german nodes would be too much and as you said destroying the network but at least there have to be taken care that not more than 1 node comes from germany.
> --
> kazaam <kazaam@xxxxxxxxx>

A potential solution to this problem, which was brought up by another
person, would be to have something similar to a family option for all
of the German Tor nodes.  Care would have to be taken to do this on an
IP level, however, and not to expect every German Tor operator to
write into their configuration that they are part of this "family".


Kasimir Gabert