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Re: Europaen Cybercrime Convention

On Sun, 25 Nov 2007 12:47:01 +0100
"TOR Admin (gpfTOR1)" <tor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 > By the European Cybercrime Convention anon servers are something like
> telephone providers. The following is important because of this fact:

No they are not by the EU Convention but just in the german law!

>  1: data retention (was discussed here, in Germany real by §113 StPO)

You mean §113 TKG not StPO ;)

> Thanks to K. Raven for feature out this new laws.

Indeed Raven did a good summary of the new german law.

> For point 3 we recommend to be prepared. It may be possible to create a
> high secured account with only read access to relevant data and no read
> access to any important key. If someone login with this account, it may
> be possible to run several actions.
> If the situation appears, you may decide, what you want to do (give them
> the account data or take the repressions). But you will not have the
> time to create such an account carefully.
> Can anyone write a shot tutorial for creation of a high secured
> only-read-account?

I don't totally understand what you wanna do?? Simply create a new user-account with ssh-rights and give him read permissions on the IP-logs. That's all. The user can then read it realtime with "wait --n=1 tail -n 50 /var/log/iplogs" and has no access to any other things on your PC. Or what did you mean?

If you don't log IPs by default you gonna face the court the same as you don't give them real-time access. So trying to fool them brings nothing: giving them an account which can't read logs.. it would be the same as giving them no account at all.


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