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Tor appliances

You might or might not be aware about ALIX, the successor
to WRAP. There's not a lot of RAM (256 MByte) and the AMD
Geode LX is not a very fast CPU, but it has a crypto
accelerator, which is already supported e.g. by OpenBSD
and most likely, also in Linux. I know pfSense doesn't do
it yet, but bleeding edge FreeBSD should as well.

According to http://archives.seul.org/or/dev/Feb-2007/msg00045.html
it seems the Geode LX could be a good match for Tor. Whether
the RNG would be also useful I have absolutely no idea.

At the total hardware price just over 100 EUR that could be
a useful Tor appliance. Notice that it's completely quiet,
uses very little power, and thus can be installed in cramped
locations, or otherwise inconspicuously.

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