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Re: 20090101

On Wed, Nov 14, 2007 at 11:59:43AM -0800, Mike Perry wrote:

> Oh, and I'm also wondering about redundancy. If I run a Tor node in
> Germany is it the case that I have to log, AND my ISP has to log, AND
> their colo provider has to log, AND the upstream ISP has to log, AND the

That would be interesting to know. I think I'll ask my provider (Hetzner)
whether they'll have to log, or whether they feel commercial entities
they're hosting have to log themselves.

> IX has to log all the same data? Is there any division of
> responsibility? Or will there be like 5-10 copies of the same
> connection data floating around everywhere?

There will be definitely a redundancy, imo. Also, Tor server
is privy to more information than the ISP which hosts it. The
question is, whether the law can be interpreted in such a way
(I presume it will be milked for all that it is worth).

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