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Re: German Tor Legal Fund

Hallo zusammen!

>This is for germans only. The non-germans may excuse this.

I don't think this only concerns Germans. Operators of onion routers
being sued is a global problem which requires a global alliance, which
is why IMHO a supranational umbrella organization coordinating the
activity of regional associations would be appropriate as well.

>Du sprichst mir aus der Seele. Ich denke auch seit einiger Zeit darüber nach, 
>aber es wird Zeit, daß wir den Arsch hochkriegen. Ich habe sogar schon einen 
>Namen ausgedacht: wie wärs mit "German Tor Operators", z.B. GTO e.V.

I agree, it's high time to act. But please consider to include admins
of other OR services like those running Mixmin / Mixmaster servers.
Think alone of what happened to Reece, the former Thrasher admin in
Australia. The effects of the current changes in law aren't confined
to Tor operators, we're all in the same boat sharing the same
principles, and the more we are the easier it is to raise enough money
for building an effective organization.

That's why I'd also prefer a name covering all facets of OR like
'Deutsche Anonymisierserver Initiative - DASI gegen Stasi', with
equivalent shorthand expressions ('British [...] Anonymisation Server
Initiative' = 'BASI') easy to adapt to areas of other languages.

Kind regards