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Re: Nice quiet, private, anonymous life??

On Fri, Nov 30, 2007 at 01:32:40PM -0500, simanis@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Not a professional techie, since running an exit node this fall I am 
> being habitually banned from Google, Charter has asked me to stop 
> spamming, and now today the police are at my door looking for Tobias. 

Port 25 open, eh? Not a good idear, and not part of the standard
exit policy.

> Their information says Tobias connected from my home address (provided 
> by Charter I assume) Sept. 27.  They only circled the house a half a 
> dozen times yesterday.   I am a family person not well positioned for
> hassles.  Briefly reading Mirko's note, until more familiar I think 
> shutting down my exit would be wise, no?

Before you shut it down completely, I recommend going middleman.
Assuming harassment is complaint-driven, it will cease instantly
(allow 2-3 months for running cases to complete, depending on
how busy the mounties are).

What did it for me, is allegations of pedophilia trafficking.
Had no particular incentives to be burned at that particular stake.
(Of course, assuming you want to get rid of somebody, that's
just the right accusations to make).
> Hope this post goes to list, can't find list post commands.

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