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Re: Tor appliances

On Sun, Nov 25, 2007 at 10:22:37PM +0100, Marco A. Calamari wrote:

> Interesting, but the board hos a lot of unneded stuff (VGA, Audio).

There are several boards there. The one I mean is

> Soekris 4801 is comparable but headless, both provider

Have looked it up, and it doesn't come with 256 MBytes,
500 MHz Geode LX *with crypto acclerator*.

>  are a little vagie about power consumption, but
>  in theory Soekris seems less power hungry.

In practice these boards are passively cooled in
a tiny aluminum enclosure, with no fan.
> There are models with more muscles (5501) too

I'm interested in the lowest price for a reasonably
powerful node. Soekris and PCEngines are more or less
an equivalent, in terms of design.

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