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Re: Problems starting relay

On Sun, Nov 02, 2008 at 05:45:40AM +0000, downie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 3.5K bytes in 113 lines about:
> I downloaded the Vidlalia/Tor/Privoxy bundle all together.

Then all you need to do to run a relay is configure one via the Vidalia
"Setup Relaying" button in the Vidalia Control Panel.
Tor will generally figure out the rest.  

If your router supports upnp, Vidalia will attempt to configure any port
forwarding for you.

If not, then yes, you need to port forward your orport and dirport from
the external router to your machine.  If for some reason you use the osx
firewall, you'll also need to open the tcp ports for the orport and
dirport.  If you are using 10.5 (leopard), when you configure a relay
through vidalia, the system should ask you to allow or deny the correct

The easiest next step may be to start with a fresh torrc and let Vidalia
do the work of configuring the relay.