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Re: Tor From SVN on Weelky Basis

On Sun, Nov 2, 2008 at 12:56 AM,  <phobos@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 01, 2008 at 11:52:29PM -0500, madjon@xxxxxxxxx wrote 0.2K bytes in 8 lines about:
> : Is there any good reason not to build Tor from the SVN on a weekly basis or so?
> Given the active coding, svn trunk may break your anonymity [...]

The instance I am referring to runs as a server only. I have an old HP
Kayak (PIIIx5000mhz baby!) that I use as my workhorse computer, not
(normally) for web browsing etc. Just a couple different severs and
backup storage.

> allow  security issues,

For me or the network?

> consume all your ram,

I don't monitor it all that closely.

> and sour your milk.

I'll buy more more :-)

>  Otherwise,
> feel free.  Please do report bugs as you encounter them.

As I mentioned I don't monitor it that closely, just usually make sure
it is up and running. Is it running properly as an exit node (usually
obvious by number of outgoing connections/bandwidth from it). Is there
something specific I should be looking for?

I often write scripts to try to automatically build programs that I
either use often, always like the latest and greatest on, or prefer
[the projects prefer] that one run the latest from the SVN/CVS.

I am running Ubuntu 7.10. Given the above, any reason not to recompile
from the SVN weekly or so? For the sake of the network should I use an
official stable or alpha release?

Thanks Phobos/Andrew. I do my best to answer newbie problems as best
as I can and as have time on this list but do read it regularly and
appreciate your attention to it.


> --
> Andrew