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Re: Tor From SVN on Weelky Basis

On Sun, Nov 02, 2008 at 01:31:52AM -0500, Jonathan Addington wrote:
> I am running Ubuntu 7.10. Given the above, any reason not to recompile
> from the SVN weekly or so? For the sake of the network should I use an
> official stable or alpha release?

Should be fine. We try to fix known problems in svn as we encounter them,
so trunk is usually pretty stable. There are occasionally crash bugs that
take us a couple days to fix; in those cases you might want to hang out
in irc to hear how they're going. Please do report any problems you find.

So yes, at least in theory, running trunk should be fine. I keep my Tor
client as up to date as possible, to see if I can make bugs happen. I
also periodically upgrade my directory authorities to trunk to try to
get them to crash before new releases.