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Re: any middlemen seeing DoS currently?

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CyberRax wrote:
> Could the "No current certificate known for authority ides; launching
> request." message that my client's been displaying every minute or so
> for the last 4 hours be related to that, or is my problem just a
> coincident?

This might be the problem, yes. The reason is that ides' authority
certificate has expired. But clients do not differentiate between a
(temporary) download problem and the situation that a certificate has
expired and a new one needs to be created (which is rather unlikely to
happen within the next few minutes). So, clients send another request
for a certificate every minute. All clients running 0.2.0.x or higher do
this, which is why there is so much additional traffic in the network.

The problem of clients downloading certificates that often will be
solved with the next alpha. But the main solution is to upgrade the
authority certificate which should happen some time today.

- --Karsten
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