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Re: any middlemen seeing DoS currently?

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Freemor wrote:
> I think that it might be an idea to send out an official announcement
> here on or-announce and perhaps on the website to tell people to stop
> their inactive tor clients (i.e. sudo /etc/init.d/tor stop ) to take the
> pressure off the exits and middles. When I read the above thread I
> checked and my computer has been pinging away all day looking for an
> updated certificate.. and I've only used Tor a little.. It's now turned
> off till I need it. or the problem is fixed.

A new certificate is now in place. This should clear things up really
soon. The authorities should exchange the new certificate during the
next voting process (in roughly 30 minutes). Then clients will be
satisfied with the new certificate and stop requesting a new one repeatedly.

That means there is not enough time for an official announcement. Or
rather, the effect would not be as significant as compared to the
resulting confusion.

Sorry for the trouble! This will be fixed in future Tor versions. And we
will pay more attention to expiring certificates.

The next certificate expires on January 17, 2009. Mark the date. ;)

- --Karsten
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