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Re: Dir servers on private networks

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 02:40:07PM -0600, Jon McLachlan wrote:
> Maybe there is a way to force downloadablility of OR descriptors on  
> dir servers instantly?

Check out the TestingTorNetwork config option in 0.2.1.x-alpha. It's
not quite instantly, but it turns on a lot of config options that make
it smoother to run your own network:

static config_var_t testing_tor_network_defaults[] = {
  V(ServerDNSAllowBrokenResolvConf, BOOL,  "1"),
  V(DirAllowPrivateAddresses,    BOOL,     "1"),
  V(EnforceDistinctSubnets,      BOOL,     "0"),
  V(AssumeReachable,             BOOL,     "1"),
  V(AuthDirMaxServersPerAddr,    UINT,     "0"),
  V(AuthDirMaxServersPerAuthAddr,UINT,     "0"),
  V(ClientDNSRejectInternalAddresses, BOOL,"0"),
  V(ExitPolicyRejectPrivate,     BOOL,     "0"),
  V(V3AuthVotingInterval,        INTERVAL, "5 minutes"),
  V(V3AuthVoteDelay,             INTERVAL, "20 seconds"),
  V(V3AuthDistDelay,             INTERVAL, "20 seconds"),
  V(TestingV3AuthInitialVotingInterval, INTERVAL, "5 minutes"),
  V(TestingV3AuthInitialVoteDelay, INTERVAL, "20 seconds"),
  V(TestingV3AuthInitialDistDelay, INTERVAL, "20 seconds"),
  V(TestingAuthDirTimeToLearnReachability, INTERVAL, "0 minutes"),
  V(TestingEstimatedDescriptorPropagationTime, INTERVAL, "0 minutes"),

You'll still need to set your own DirServer lines.

If you continue to have problems, you should put your torrc files up
somewhere. Giving us ambiguous warning messages without hints about what
config options are set doesn't give us enough info. :)