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Re: Hidden service route

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Erilenz wrote:
> If I connect to a Tor hidden service am I right in thinking it goes like:
> Web browser -> Tor client -> Entry Node -> Middle Node -> Hidden Service

No, that's not how it works. There are 6 nodes between you and the
hidden service, three chosen by the hidden service, three chosen by you.
See https://www.torproject.org/hidden-services for a description of the
hidden service protocol.

> If I then change routelen to '2' in circuitbuild.c as per http://www.mail-archive.com/or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx/msg08747.html does that give me:
> Web browser -> Tor client -> Entry Node -> Hidden Service

Changing the route length should have minimal impact on performance. The
step that takes time is to extend an existing circuit by another hop. I
guess it has only minimal impact on performance whether you extend a
3-hop circuit to a fourth node, or a 2-hop circuit to a third node.

You might want to try the latest alpha ( It contains some
improvements to speed up hidden services.

- --Karsten
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