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Re: Problems runing Tor on Vista x64

If i do this Vidalia ends with a message that Tor stopped working
altrough it is working just fine.
I mean that instance started from commandline.

I think this might be somehow related to Kaspersky but i can live with that.
Important is that node is working (according to logs both client and
server part of Tor is working)
My node is also visible on TorStatus page as active wich confirms its
proper operation.

Starting Tor from Vidalia with same config file causes some kind of
hang Vidalia displays yellow onion forever and no trafic is generated
by Tor

I can use Tor without Vidalia. No problemswith that, but if there are
any devs interested in this case Im ready for further testing and
reporting results. I just need to know what to test.

Thanks for Your advices that helped to start Tor on my Vista x64