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Re: Bit of justice, all charges dropped against Tor-operator

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Alessandro Donnini wrote:
> I sincerely hope you will be compensated. It would be a sign that Finnish
> authorities, unlike those in most parts of the world recognize when they make a
> mistake, and accept responsibility for their actions.
> M wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> As I informed this maillist my companys servers (including finnish
>> tor-exit-node) were taken by the finnisih police circa january 2008. They
>> were very rude and called me a pedophile etc. Really nice to know that
>> police is your friend :P...
>> Few days ago I got a letter from the department of justice, they are not
>> going to press any charges 'cause they finally realised that my server was
>> just relaying traffic and that is not a crime. I've been waiting that
>> letter for many months and I'm really glad they finally made a wise
>> decision.
>> Now I'm going to consult my lawyer and possibly going to demand
>> compensation for my losses. I had to buy new servers, restore everything
>> from backups, help the "Central Crime Police" (KRP) because I was'nt using
>> Windows but Debian GNU/Linux and full encryption (aes-cbc-essiv:sha256).
>> Also all the sites, domains and email-services I hosted were down about 48
>> hours and customers do not like that.
>> Wish me luck =)
>> M
This is great news, thanks for posting it to the list. As previous
posters said: document, document, document. And don't cooperate!
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