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No data retention in germany for donated services


Karsten N. just sent to the German exitnodes list a link to an article, which is very convincing and legally well-founded (see below). It explains that any service that is being donated to the public, that is, without taking money or any other return service (like advertisements) for it, is _not_ obliged to retain any connection data! Furthermore, since there is no gray area, who isn't obliged to retain data is not _allowed_ to retain data, and can be charged with a fee up to 10.000 EUR for doing so! Since Tor is without doubts such a donated service, this turns the tables, and it is clearly a risk for a Tor operator in Germany to retain any data. (You would have to proof that you're financing your Tor node by a return service of the users and therefore are obliged to retain connection data. ;-) )

Thanks for that link, Karsten!

Best regards,


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Von: "Karsten N." <tor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Datum: 24. November 2008 10:26:02 MEZ
An: exitnodes@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: keine VDS für unentgeltliche Dienste

Hallo Tor-Admin,

bei datenspeicherung.de gibt es einen interessanten Aufsatz zu
Speicherpflichten aus §113a TKG (VDS).


Demnach dürfen Tor-Nodes (ausdrücklich erwähnt!) *keine* Daten speichern.

Karsten N.

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