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Re: Limiting hops

i suppose the packets from the exit Tor node to the destination are still unencrypted,
which means that your request can still be seen by anybody who want to see it, only
he can't know where this request is from.
but if the only one node in the path/circuit(suppose you just want only one node) is
some malicious node, there will be nothing different from connectiong to the network
directly, may be even worse.
this is also why Tor uses 3 nodes, entry node doesn't know your destination, exit node
dosen't know you, and middle node prevents cooperating between entry node and exit node

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 5:05 AM, Marc Erickson <marcerickson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I use Tor on my laptop to encrypt wireless packets when connecting to an unsecured wireless network.  Is there a way to limit the number of hops the packets take through the servers so that I can better the speed?  I only need one hop.  I'm running Windows XP.