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Re: Problems with irc because of tor?

Sebastian Hahn wrote:
>> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht----- Von: "Praedor Atrebates"
>> <praedor@xxxxxxxxx> Gesendet: 20.11.08 21:10:08 An:
>> or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Betreff: Problems with irc because of tor?
>> Why does running tor suddenly cause me to be unable to connect to
>> freenode?  I am NOT running a torified irc client.  Also, where's
>> the address coming from?  Why is my REAL IP address now
>> invisible (apparently) and tor causing sites to think I am trying
>> to use the <illegal> localhost IP?
>> praedor
> Unfortunately, some service providers choose to not accept Tor users
> as part of their userbase and block connections from exit nodes. 

That wasn't the question, he was wondering why he was using Tor at all
though he told his client not to use it.

Praedor: Sure you don't use a proxy in your IRC-client? Also, check - if
you're using some flavour of UNIX - if you have some variable like
http_proxy set.


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