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Re: Problems with irc because of tor?

Praedor Atrebates wrote:
> Now I'm really lost on this.  Tor quit running (I cannot run tor- 
> for more than a couple minutes, so it seems.  It just suddenly quits without 
> any errors.  It's running then suddenly it isn't.

OK, that's another thing.

> Looks like it is back to the previous version again...
> That said, tor is down/off and I STILL get the same messages for my IRC 
> client.  It seems that simply running tor briefly is enough to bork my IRC 
> client from then on (at least until I reboot)?

Naaaa, no way. A couple of questions:

1) You run some kind of transparent proxy?
2) If not, check if Tor is really disabled. Use ps in UNIX or the
Windows Taskmanager to check. Shut down Tor.
3) Check all your IRC-client's settings.

To be more precise:
4) What operating system are you using?
5) What IRC-Client are you using?

The error-message you're describing is hand-crafted for people who want
to use the Freenode-network with Tor. It wouldn't appear for any other
users (unless Freenode borked up their scanners).

By the way, the message "Closing Link: (Banned)" seems to
indicate that you're using some kind of proxy.

If you give us more details, we might be able to help.


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