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Re: Reduce hops when privacy level allows to save Tor network bandwidth

Gregory Maxwell wrote:
There are a great many people who have merely encountered one too many
examples of the ubiquitious tracking on the Internet. For example,
Google's abuse of JS fake out the link target display and intercept
outbound links on search has been driving me nuts lately as it makes
it impossible to copy and paste links from the search results. This
makes me aware of and irritated by Google's surveillance.

You might want to look into using something like Scroogle
( http://www.scroogle.org ).  I thnk Scroogle scrubs those redirects.

Google was actually the motivating factor in causing me to get serious about overcoming whatever problem I had when I first tried to use Tor. Although my concern at the time was more the ubiquity of google-analytics. But still concerned about using their search engine. My problem was that (for quite a while now), when I try to do a search on Google via Tor, more often than not Google calls me a virus and tells me to go away ("unusual network activity" or some such). My solution has been to connect to Scroogle via Tor. I am not nearly as anti-Google as the guy (people?) who run Scroogle and I don't mind the unobtrusive right column adds on Google search results. Its just my (usual) inability to use Google directly w/o dropping anonymity.

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