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Re: Reduce hops when privacy level allows to save Tor network bandwidth

Tim Wilde wrote:
On 11/18/2009 4:17 AM, Jim wrote:
Google was actually the motivating factor in causing me to get serious
about overcoming whatever problem I had when I first tried to use Tor.
Although my concern at the time was more the ubiquity of
google-analytics.  But still concerned about using their search engine.
 My problem was that (for quite a while now), when I try to do a search
on Google via Tor, more often than not Google calls me a virus and tells
me to go away ("unusual network activity" or some such).  My solution
has been to connect to Scroogle via Tor.  I am not nearly as anti-Google
as the guy (people?) who run Scroogle and I don't mind the unobtrusive
right column adds on Google search results.  Its just my (usual)
inability to use Google directly w/o dropping anonymity.

There's another relatively easy solution to the Analytics part - surf
with a plugin like Firefox's NoScript installed, and forbid
google-analytics.com from ever running scripts.  Boom, no more
analytics, I believe NoScript won't even allow Firefox to fetch the code
from the URL, so they don't even get the hit (note: I haven't actually
confirmed that part explicitly).  Plus you get a ton of other safety
benefits from browsing the web with scripting off by default, and the
various other nasty things like clickjacking and XSS that NoScript
attempts to block.

Yes. I've long recognized that one of the possible ironies in my story is that google-analytics motivated me to get off my duff and get Tor working. However, in the process of setting up Tor I found out that Privoxy could very nicely take care of google-analytics on its own. But as I've alluded to, while google-analytics was the top motivator for me, there is other motivation from Google (as search engine) and others wishing to track me.

Others more knowledgeable than I may wish to comment on this, but I believe I have read that it is not a good idea to combine NoScript with Tor. I can't give you the gory details. While I don't know the details of how NoScript handles google-analytics, I do know (on the last version I checked) that by default Privoxy won't allow anything from google-analytics to load, including their script(s).


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