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Re: Tor: Scroogle blocked, Google not ? (November 2009)

dreamcat four wrote:

The past few days I've noticed that all http requests to
https://ssl.scroogle.org have invariably failed. This appeared as a
DNS failure. After switching over to the regular http (non-ssl)
version of scroogle, I found that was generally working for another
couple of days then that went away too with the same can't resolve
host / No such domain. Anyone else also experienced this?

About a year ago I stopped being able access to Scroogle via Tor. After half a day or so of such failure I sent the operator an email about it. I never received a reply, but it started working again.

I just sent the operator another email some hours ago. I'm hoping for the best ...

And google. Nearly as strange have been my experience google lately.
The reason I started using Scroogle a while back was simply because
google had been blocking Tor exit nodes from performing searches. But
just today my first 2 searches worked. By prior experience this is
very uncommon. The first search had accepted cookies, the second
search cookies were disabled and it still worked just fine. Maybe
simply a coincidence and/or blind luck? Again, can anyone confirm /

Some months back, by accident, I discovered Google working via Tor for me. After subsequent tries I decided it occasionally worked, but not often enough to make trying it worth my while. (BTW, my impression/assumption was that Google was not *explicitly* blocking Tor, but that it depended on what was hitting Google from the particular exit node I happened to be using.)

AFAIK, the only thing cookies would be good for (other than spying) would (possibly) be if you were using their CAPTCHA. And I've never had their CAPTCHA let me through (via Tor), so I stopped trying.


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