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Re: Reduce hops when privacy level allows to save Tor network bandwidth

On 11/19/2009 04:47 AM, Erilenz wrote:
> That's fine, as long as you're assuming that people only use Tor when they need
> strong anonymity. As soon as you realise that people who don't need strong
> anonymity are using it as well, your point fails. Whether or not they *should*
> be doing so is irrelevant. The options are:
> 1.) Ignore that they're doing it
> 2.) Prevent them from doing it
> 3.) Make their impact smaller when they are doing it
> I choose 3.

You are going to BMW asking them to include features from Ford, because
you personally like some features found in Ford trucks.  If only BMW
cars would include these features, then you'd buy a BMW and stop
complaining about the lack of Ford features.  This is the borderline
definition of trolling.

Until the research shows less than three hops is as safe as the current
three hops, we as the Tor Project are not changing the default number of
hops.  If you want simple circumvention without strong anonymity, there
are ten thousand or so open proxies in the world, which are free.  If
you want strong anonymity, use Tor.  The current research on anonymity
networks is conveniently collected for you at

Cypherpunks write code.  Feel free to write code so you can screw your
own anonymity with the speed and efficiency you claim to want.  Others
have already done this; some even got talks at blackhat or defcon for
changing a line of code or two.  Google search has your answers.

Andrew Lewman
The Tor Project
pgp 0x31B0974B

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