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Re: livejournal ban tor-nodes

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Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
> James Brown wrote:
>> The Livejournal has blocked access to that resource through the Tor.
>> It is certainly the consequence of purshasing the LJ of Russian company
>> "SUP" by order of Putin and FSB.
>> That decision of Russian powers of purshacing the LJ was adopted because
>> many Russian oppositionists used it in the conditions of suffocation of
>>     freedom of speech by  Putin's bloody fascist regim.
>> I think that all progressive humanity must require from the US President
>> B. Obama to order the FBI to investigate the circumstances of purshasing
>> the LJ by Russian company that was acted obviously as an agent of
>> Russian secret services against the foundations of the constitutional
>> order of the USA.
> Hello,
> I'm heading over to the LJ offices (in San Francisco) to discuss this
> ban with them in the next thirty minutes. I'll let you know how it goes
> and why it happened.
> Best,
> Jacob

Very thanks
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