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Re: livejournal ban tor-nodes

James Brown wrote:
> The Livejournal has blocked access to that resource through the Tor.
> It is certainly the consequence of purshasing the LJ of Russian company
> "SUP" by order of Putin and FSB.
> That decision of Russian powers of purshacing the LJ was adopted because
> many Russian oppositionists used it in the conditions of suffocation of
>     freedom of speech by  Putin's bloody fascist regim.
> I think that all progressive humanity must require from the US President
> B. Obama to order the FBI to investigate the circumstances of purshasing
> the LJ by Russian company that was acted obviously as an agent of
> Russian secret services against the foundations of the constitutional
> order of the USA.


I'm heading over to the LJ offices (in San Francisco) to discuss this
ban with them in the next thirty minutes. I'll let you know how it goes
and why it happened.


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