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Re: all traffic through a VPN on top of tor, if only...

2009/10/30 Andrea Ratto <andrearatto_liste@xxxxxxxx>

Hello list!
To run a VPN on top of tor one must be able to separate tor traffic from
the rest and route tor connections to the physical network, and
everything else to the vpn virtual inteface.

That is theoretically possible by doing something like this:
1- bootstrap tor and have it connect to some relays
2- get the ip addresses of those relays
3- instruct tor not to connect to anyone else
4- add routing for those addresses and start the VPN

I can do point 1 and 4, but I am not sure if point 2 and 3 are
practically possible with tor. This is where I ask for help.

If I put it all together I will be happy to share my script for a VPN on
top of SSH on top of tor, for an exotic blend of anonimity,
confidentiality and authentication. For any clarifications, please ask.


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To make 2 and 3 points:

Choose relay_name here: http://trunk.torstatus.kgprog.com/index.php

And put to "torrc" config file:
StrictEntryNodes 1
EntryNodes relay_name

RTFM: https://www.torproject.org/tor-manual.html
with best re