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Re: Danish TPB DNS Blocks

     On Wed, 25 Nov 2009 14:30:42 -0500 Flamsmark <flamsmark@xxxxxxxxx>
>2009/11/25 Nils Vogels <bacardicoke@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Would changing the DNS server for the tor exitserver solve this? If
>> so, I think the exit admins should solve this, and if not risk a
>> badexit flag.
>Changing the DNS server to DNS rootservers would fix this problem.
     Bzzzt!!  That would eventually get an exit marked as a bad exit, too.
Why?  Because the root name servers serve only information in the root
domain and the so-called top-level domains (e.g., .com, .edu, .gov, .info,
.mil, country domains, and so on).  They are much, much too busy to act
as forwarders, so if you ask for anything that they don't serve themselves,
you will get a "no answers" response.
>2009/11/25 Georg Sluyterman <georg@xxxxxxxxxx>
>> Have you tried e-mailing the ones giving the problem (if they have any
>> contact-info)?
>I found one, and I assume that there are more of them, I could email all the
>Danish nodes and inform them, I suppose, but I might be pestering a number
>of people who had already solved the problem.
>> I must admit that i did not think of this when i set up my danish
>> exit-node. I have changed it to OpenDNS now.
>OpenDNS is not a good idea: it actually doesn't operate a neutral service.
>OpenDNS hijacks invalid domain names. If you want to use a neutral DNS

     That much is true, although they supposedly have an option one can
select on a web page to turn off the hijacking.
     dyndns.org is a decent alternative for a few fedbucks a month.

>server, pick some of the DNS root servers from http://root-servers.org/.
     Again, no cigar! :-)

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