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Re: Danish TPB DNS Blocks

2009/11/26 Scott Bennett <bennett@xxxxxxxxxx>
>Changing the DNS server to DNS rootservers would fix this problem.
    Bzzzt!!  That would eventually get an exit marked as a bad exit, too.
Why?  Because the root name servers serve only information in the root
domain and the so-called top-level domains (e.g., .com, .edu, .gov, .info,
.mil, country domains, and so on).  They are much, much too busy to act
as forwarders, so if you ask for anything that they don't serve themselves,
you will get a "no answers" response.

How odd. I use the root servers on my personal machine, and have never noticed this phenomenon. If you are correct, does DNS work? How does a user know which DNS servers are authoritative for other blocks?