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Re: DisableAllSwap question

Scott Bennett wrote:
>      I'm currently running but will probably move to
> fairly soon.  In the Changelog there is a note about a new
> option available in called DisableAllSwap.  I'm running
> FreeBSD, and my only swap area is GELI-encrypted disk slice.  Doesn't
> that effectively accomplish the same thing on my system without requiring
> a lot of real memory to be tied up in fixed pages (a.k.a. "wired" pages)?
> Or is there some further advantage to be gained by using both that I've
> missed?

The goal behind DisableAllSwap is to ensure that no memory is ever paged
out to disk. If you have encrypted swap space, it's probably not an
issue if your have information swapped out to disk.

There may be some speed improvements from never having memory paged out
to disk but it's probably minimal.

If you'd like to test it, we'd sure would love to know if it works
properly on FreeBSD.


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