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Re: livejournal ban tor-nodes

Marcus Griep wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 2:18 AM, James Brown <jbrownfirst@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Very thanks.
>> But did they say you about a character of that abuse?
>> I thin that only an RSS feed of  LJ friends pages is not a serious
>> ground for blocking the Tor network.
>> If they did such not by order of the SUP for protection of the Russian
>> dictatorship I can't understand why the SUP by they 2 years ago. For
>> latent  shadowing against Russian oppositionists for the Federal
>> security service of Russia?
>> I was very sleepy when you wrote your letter (it was about 3 a.m at my
>> place) and I coudn't recognize that I could try ask them a question
>> concerning the next.
>> By the information of Russian press (see, particularly
>> http://www.newsru.com/russia/10nov2009/vkontakte.html ) the secret
>> services of Russia arrested estimated murders of Markelov (many people
>> in Russia think that they are not real murders because real economic
>> base of Markelov's murder was deforestation of the Khimki forest against
>> which Markelov fighted and any version about the revenge of
>> "nationalists" have not under it real economic and money base and seems
>> very absurd) through LJ activity of them.
>> In accordance with this information they had access to the LJ not
>> through the Tor but through the specific public wifi - so-called WIMAX,
>> from account registered on assumed name.
>> So, the Russian secret services had needed an information about
>> ip-addresses of those users of the LJ for computing their through
>> triangulation with  beam gain antennas.
>> So, we can suspect that those ip-addresses were given to Russian secret
>> services by the SUP besides the official inquiry of Russian authorities
>> to the US authorities (as I know there is not an agreement on mutual
>> assistance in criminal matters between Russia and the USA).
>> If it was really so, it was an obvious interference of Russian
>> government in internal affairs of the USA in accordance with
>> international law.
>> I don't know about the US criminal law but such actions are examined as
>> an espionage by the Russain Criminal Code.
>> I think that the notion of an espionage is approximately equal in all
>> countries.
> There's a lot of speculation in that statement, though I know little of
> internal politicking within Russia. I think that the explanation via Jacob
> is a pretty sound one; LJ doesn't want its paid value-added model
> circumvented by this Russian site, that then chose to use Tor to breach LJ's
> Terms of Service, and so the community has to bear the brunt of it.

I spoke again to Livejournal today. They've mostly lifted the block.
They're working on future ways to block abusers of LJ without affecting
normal, legitimate users; They're pretty awesome for restoring service
 for the majority of Tor users so quickly!


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