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[OT] Re: U.S. begins censoring Internet at U.K.'s request

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> From: F. Fox <kitsune.or@xxxxxxxxx>
> To: or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Sent: Sun, November 7, 2010 7:19:15 PM
> Subject: Re: U.S. begins censoring Internet at U.K.'s request
> It's awful soon to be saying it's war, given it's one website.  It could 
> just be an error of some kind, or someone could have taken the site 
> offline on their end.
> It's just something I was taught: Don't be  quick to imply malice on the 
> part of others, since mistakes are far more  common.

A site going down after a takedown request is more likely than it actually being 
taken down? We should play cards sometime...

Here is more, this time from CNN, except CNN presents net censorship as a good 


CNN has targeted that website for a long time. A search yields several CNN 
results that rebuke the site. Here is a Google cache of claims from the site 
operator that CNN aired different questions than the ones he was asked during a 
telephone interview.


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