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Re: [OT] Re: U.S. begins censoring Internet at U.K.'s request

On 11/07/2010 01:10 PM, Curious Kid wrote:
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Subject: Re: U.S. begins censoring Internet at U.K.'s request

It's awful soon to be saying it's war, given it's one website.  It could
just be an error of some kind, or someone could have taken the site
offline on their end.

It's just something I was taught: Don't be  quick to imply malice on the
part of others, since mistakes are far more  common.

A site going down after a takedown request is more likely than it actually being
taken down? We should play cards sometime...

Perhaps I just try not to jump toward pessimism and paranoia the second something goes bump in the night.

In any case, my bigger point is: This was one website; it's not widespread censorship.

Could it be a prelude to something bigger? Certainly possible.

I'm just saying it's too early to start saying "ZOMG TEH USA HAZ MAID WARZ ON THE INTARWEBZ!!1!!ELEVENTYONE!"

F. Fox
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