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Re: Controller and dns lookup/connection

> In the past, this used to display the FQDN as the first thing
> that traversed a circuit, then the IP thereafter.

Hey, wait a minute, when using torsocks and netcat, this is for a site
that is unmapped:
2274 SUCCEEDED 37 amd.com:0

And this is for one that is mapped to a specific exit:
2381 SUCCEEDED 39 intel.com.<fp>.exit:0
2391 SUCCEEDED 39<fp>.exit:80

I've got all the firefox proxies set to a local polipo and checked
tcpdump locally for dns leaks to the dns box... everything's being
sent to the tor socks port on the tor box fine. Yet using firefox as the
client does NOT cause display of the dns name when visiting a new
site... one that's uncached/visited/lookedup since restart of Tor,
polipo, and firefox [netbsd.org]:


Yes, I tcpdumped at the border router too, no dns leaks.
Anyone else seeing this? Weird.

Tor v0.2.1.26
libevent 1.4.14b-stable
OpenSSL 0.9.8o
polipo 20100302
firefox 3.6.10
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