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Re: [tor-talk] Cloak Tor Router

On 11/1/14, Lars Boegild Thomsen <lth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ...
> No, we haven't done that yet apart from me trying to start this discussion
> here on the mailing list

ok. and thanks for running a relay and exit!

> ... [ OpenWRT is difficult to work with ]

this is true; i see you have tried to be accommodating.  more on this later,

> Currently it is really hard to keep up with OpenWrt as they are in a
> transition phase.  I actually think most will end up on Github and if/when
> it does I will probably make a proper fork on Github and use those as
> primary repositories.

please let them upgrade digests on packages then too! :)

> Doing electronics is
> like a lego kit but there will always be parts where you have to trust the
> specifications from the supplier.

indeed. perhaps better one day, how much are Intel's foundry services?
ah, we can dream...

> One example I have been thinking about a lot is my media player.
> ...  I think for a device like
> that it makes sense just to force everything it tried to do on the Internet
> through Tor...

agreed. the "initialized and always kept on Tor" mode of operation is
useful for products like these, preferably also bought in cash!

> ... The tricky part is to make a
> sensible default off-the-shelf setting that is suitable for those who do not
> know the details about Tor.

even a simple one time, "You are about to route your traffic over the
Tor network. Turn off your torrents and don't upgrade poorly written

the zero guidance to unsuspecting is what i am most concerned about;
even basic captive portal warning would be a benefit.

> This one is interesting in that I really didn't think of that at all.  I
> will need some input there.  Is that at all possible at a network level.  I
> would assume it's the bootstrap of Tor that needs to be prevented?

i have more to say on this, as there are crude and more friendly ways
to do this.  it is not the end of the world if it happens, either.
just extra slow and inefficient :)

> I was writing about this in an earlier email.  It is a little bit tricky for
> a device such as this.  I personally find it hard to accept the idea of
> fully automatic updates, but I am quite open for ideas on how to do this
> best.

agreed. another topic deserving of a full discussion.  so queued,

thanks again, i appreciate your in depth responses!

best regards,
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