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Re: [tor-talk] Cloak Tor Router

On 11/2/14, Lars Boegild Thomsen <lth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ...
> Doesn't this already exist?

there is also the clients behind NAT issue for stream isolation,
  e.g. clients[1-N...] -> WiFi Router -> Cloak -> ISP -.

it would be useful to document the list of these concerns somewhere,
perhaps on the Transparent Proxy wiki page. (i can do this later, if
anon doesn't beat me to it :)


as for lightweight builds, you may find the tor ramdisk effort
useful*, and at runtime, kernel tuning (e.g.
/proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_mem) and enabling ConstrainedSockets with a
desired ConstrainedSockSize.  this would only be necessary if memory
pressure truly is very tight.

64M is enough for Tor as client and hidden service or two, but will
have trouble with some pluggable transports and won't be a useful
relay.  the GeoIP database for friendly grouping by country can be
problematic as well, and may require some selective vfs pressure.

more later,

best regards,
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