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Re: [tor-talk] Darknets/science vs. GPA/LEA/Law, and playing dirty pool

> Another way to test is for someone to use perfect opsec (wifi, tor,
> bitcoin, etc), and actually run a number of illegal sites and see what
> happens. Then consider some sites may be allowed to live even if
> actionable, or simply won't be taken down if there are no real world
> links to act on.

As I said in another message here: Look at the doxbin tweets and other
information that has been put forth after this round of raids. They
have indeed taken down quite a few hidden services without figuring out
who was behind them. This also shines through from what representatives
from the organized crime networks like Europol and FBI have publicly

It is perfectly clear that they can and do locate the Tor hidden
services and that they in many cases took them down without having
any idea who was behind them. 

Those with good opsec and no real world links to act on were indeed
left alone and some of them are actively telling the world about this
through tweets and forum posts.

It also seems quite clear that Europol in many cases had no information
at all beyond being told by the FBI what boxes to steal. The simple
fact that they took down a lot more services than they arrested people
is somewhat telling. I am guessing that they will now look at the
hardware they stole for clues about who ran the services and we will
probably see a few more arrests in the coming days. Those with good
opsec will likely see no real world consequences at all.

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