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Re: [tor-talk] Operation Onymous against hidden services, most DarkNet markets are down

> i'm going to laugh if the "technological breakthrough" is a DoS
> slowing Tor enough you restart it. then they watch to see who (serving
> up the appropriate amount of more traffic out than in) just restarted
> Tor.
> all signs point to modified slowloris with a limited set of suspects.

We can not really know exactly how they did it but one thing is

From doxbin and others we know that they in many cases just grabbed the
servers and closed the hidden services without arresting those behind
them. It appears this depends on what OPSEC they were using.

This is interesting because it makes it very clear that they are
finding and taking down the hidden services first and then they look at
the hardware they stole and the server bills and so on and try to figure
out who was behind them.

From what I have read the last few days there is absolutely no doubt in
my mind that they can in fact find the physical location of Tor hidden
services and that they do this first and try to find out who is behind
them later. It also seems clear that some parts of organized crime
networks like the FBI and Europol want to prevent otherwise because
their capability of finding hidden services makes future arrests so

As for those hidden services that was not taken down: My guess is that
they are either hosted outside the United States of Fascism and the
Fascist Union or honeypots.

> best regards,
>   coder 'cointelpro' man

best regards Öyvind,
GNU World Order gang member

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