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Re: [tor-talk] Operation Onymous against hidden services, most DarkNet markets are down


>SR2, Hydra, and Cloud 9 and a few others are currently displaying
>notices that they are seized by the FBI in co-operation with similar
>terrorist organizations in the fascist union (EU). Pandora and some
>others are just down (no notice but they went down at the same time as
>the ones displaying notices started doing that).

>I for one think this puts the security of all Tor hidden
>services in question.

How likely is it the law enforcement just wiretapped guard nodes in
their political range and raided the IPs which had most traffic and
weren't Tor relays? This would explain why only servers located in US
colonies got seized. No fancy security vulnerability involved, just
simple police state tactics.
I personaly know a case where the German Gestapo got a court order to do
DPI at German ISPs to find the IP used to login to a Russian messenger
service, ofc there was no terrorism, murder, drugs or child abuse
involved in that case. So if their courts allow nation wide DPI to
locate a single person only involved in minor crimes, wiretapping a few
dozen guard nodes seems totally plausible.
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