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Re: [tor-talk] anonabox : the Tor hardware router

> Tor in a BoxWhat is the anonabox? The anonabox is an embedded linux device
> that routes all Internet traffic over the Tor network. This provides the
> security, anonymity and censorship-bypassing power of the Tor network
> without having to download or configure software. This is the first
> commercially available router to do this where all the software is Open
> Source.  You could call the anonabox a cloaking device
> [snip]
> No, but it would be wrong to not acknowledge the innovative work he has put
> in creating and auditing the PORTAL software, which is part of what makes
> this version so much better than before.  Can you show some images of the
> new case design?-Sure, here are a few

I was wondering when this would happen.  Any idea if this is from the
guys who put together the box or just some random dude?

If they want to make a good image for themselves, I'm not sure that just
copy/pasting their text from Indigogo onto this mailing list is the best
way to go about it...

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