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Re: [tor-talk] anonabox : the Tor hardware router

Le 12/11/2014 14:20, Derric Atzrott a écrit :
Tor in a BoxWhat is the anonabox? The anonabox is an embedded linux device
that routes all Internet traffic over the Tor network. This provides the
security, anonymity and censorship-bypassing power of the Tor network
without having to download or configure software. This is the first
commercially available router to do this where all the software is Open
Source.  You could call the anonabox a cloaking device
No, but it would be wrong to not acknowledge the innovative work he has put
in creating and auditing the PORTAL software, which is part of what makes
this version so much better than before.  Can you show some images of the
new case design?-Sure, here are a few
I was wondering when this would happen.  Any idea if this is from the
guys who put together the box or just some random dude?

If they want to make a good image for themselves, I'm not sure that just
copy/pasting their text from Indigogo onto this mailing list is the best
way to go about it...

I don't think there is any "hazard" in what they are doing, but probably they don't feel they sould expose themselves to this list since they explain that they are already very well connected to the Tor community:

"He also volunteers for the Tor support forum the Tor Stack Exchange, and is an admin for the official Tor project discussion page on LinkedIn."

Still amazed that some blogers are recommending this, apparently they promise to send them a box.

Seriously when will these guys be stopped? They have lied enough, the Tor project should say something (or are you really connected to them as they claim?)

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