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Re: [tor-talk] "Hidden Services" vs "Onion services"

Seth David Schoen <schoen@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Virgil wrote:
>> "Turn your website into an onionsite"
>> "Access the onionsite in the same way you access a website"
>It could be technically consistent to say both "hidden services" and
>"onion sites" -- you could say that onion sites are web sites that are
>served as hidden services.


This could also help distinguish websites from other types of hidden services like xmpp servers.

"Location-hidden services" seems very straightforward, which us probably why it's stuck for so long. It might help to think of a phrase without the jargon. I'm partial to the phrase "private network," because without the jargon you're still able to understand that this is private. It doesn't help much with branding, however. "onion sites" makes a fair bit of sense.  

~ Griffin

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