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Re: [tor-talk] "Hidden Services" vs "Onion services"

Nathan Freitas writes:

> On Wed, Nov 12, 2014, at 11:38 PM, Virgil Griffith wrote:
> > I'll start trying "onion service" and just see if it catches on.
> Since these things are mostly used for websites, why not call them
> "onion sites" or "onionsites"? 
> Typical users don't talk about web services, they talk about web sites
> or pages. Perhaps they say "online service" but that usually means an
> ISP or something larger than just a site, imo.
> "Turn your website into an onionsite"
> "Access the onionsite in the same way you access a website"

It could be technically consistent to say both "hidden services" and
"onion sites" -- you could say that onion sites are web sites that are
served as hidden services.

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