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Re: [tor-talk] Tor router requirements / best practices [was: Cloak Tor Router]

coderman wrote:

> - The best design we've been able to come up with is one that forces you
> to be using Tor on your side, and only allows your traffic through if it's
> coming from Tor.

corridor has such a design:

I'd love to turn it into a bona fide WiFi hotspot:

> Making it use a proxy, or maybe even better a Tor bridge,
> that's running on the router seems a fine way to do this limiting.

Doesn't bridge connection setup (on the client side) complicate things
too much, especially for people unfamiliar with Tor?

More importantly, a bridge would usurp the position of any circuit's
first hop. Though there's a trac ticket somewhere about plans to make
bridges the zeroth node before the other three.

> And we
> could also imagine running a captive portal website on the router that
> intercepts outgoing port 80 requests and teaches you what you need to
> do to use this network connection safely. Perhaps it has a local copy
> of Tor Browser for you (but how does the user know it's the real Tor
> Browser?), or perhaps it lets you reach https://www.torproject.org/
> so you can fetch it yourself.

Yup, see the todo.

I really hope to be able to work on this in the next months. If not,
maybe you can find some use in the corridor repo.

Rusty Bird

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