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Re: [tor-talk] Propsal for decentralization of the Tor network

Le 24/11/2014 04:03, Cari Machet a écrit :
prove decentralization creates vulnerability to a larger degree than

That's what can be deducted from some papers but this is really a shortcut, like "the bittorrent network is less secure with the DHT than with trackers", funny statement...

I must add some technical faqs following some questions I had but an example of a decentralized anonymous p2p system is what I have specified in [1], some concepts are new, I don't see it in any paper, the peers/content discovery system has several layers, not only the DHT, the keys are ephemeral and the nodeIDs are directly related to them, I believe this makes really difficult for the attackers to position themselves in the network, but since the content is not advertised by the peers that have it but by others, while difficult it's probably feasible for an attacker that has the possibility to control a large part of the space to attract the peers to a fake/evil content.

The system answers a specific constraint coming from WebRTC: the peers need to be introduced by a third party, but after the initial bootstrap they can introduce themselves directly.

Could some of this apply to the Tor network? Probably, the best way to know is just to try it.

[1] https://github.com/Ayms/node-Tor#anonymous-serverless-p2p-inside-browsers---peersm-specs

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