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Re: [tor-talk] Can't log in to Facebook or use Facebook via Tor Messenger


> Hi guys!
> Are there any updates regarding Facebook chat not being able to work
> properly on Tor Messenger?
> Thanks a lot! Looking forward to hear from you guys!

We are finalizing the FAQ, but till then, here is what you should try:

    If you are having trouble getting Tor Messenger to work with Facebook, follow
    the steps below.

    - Start by noting that the username field in Tor Messenger is your Facebook
      username, not your email address. Your username is the text after
      facebook.com on your profile page. (If the link to your profile is
      facebook.com/johndoe, then your username is johndoe.) If you still can't
      find  it, go to "Settings", under "General", see "Username".

    - Make sure chat is enabled:
        Click the settings icon ("wheel") in your chat sidebar
        Select Turn On Chat or Turn Off Chat

    If you still can't connect, in addition to the above step, try using an app

        Go to your Security Settings
        In the App Passwords section, click Edit
        Click Generate app passwords and then follow the on-screen instructions

    Then use this password instead of your usual Facebook password to connect to
    Tor Messenger.

Try this and let us know if it works? (Or if it didn't work.)

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