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Re: [tor-talk] [Cryptography] ISIS has âhelp deskâ to aid would-be terrorists with encryption

> Forget the people, shoot the antennas.

Go to The Attritionist Letters (#11):

My tour continued at an infantry regiment combat operations center (COC).
We flew in at night, guided by the tactical support wide area network with
the red flashing light that could be seen from miles away. Urban sprawl
emerged from the desert floor. There were cavernous UOC tents with
airconditioning so cold that fleeces and watchcaps were the personal
protective equipment of choice; not a flack jacket or Kevlar was to be
found. The COC was alive with command post of the future (CPOF), command
and control personal computers, and the common operating picture; charts
and laminated matrices hung so neatly from the UOC walls. With two maneuver
battalions in the midst of simultaneous attacks up their respective
corridors, all seemed to be going well. Suddenly, a dust storm blew up and
threatened the very UOC that represented the regimentâs command and
control. Walls flew open, papers and mission cards were strewn about, and
soon enough the UOC itself was blown over exposing the entrails to the
mercy of the wind. Marines sullenly grabbed broken and bent bars from the
crumpled UOC as if they had not a purpose except to mourn the loss of their
command and control fortress. I witnessed a foolish young lieutenant try to
convince the Marines (both senior and junior) to leave the UOC alone and
âget the radio nets back upâ in order to continue monitoring the fight. The
fool! Does he not realize that the CPOF and the UOC are the true
manifestations of command and control, not simple communications with the
maneuver battalions? How can we have a regimental commander coordinate the
fight from a vehicle and a radio? Perhaps a decade ago, but no longer
Command and control is now only attainable by âstuffâ like command and
control systems, big intimidating tents, air-conditioning, plasma screens,
and video teleconferencing. The poor lieutenant . . . he has no future in
our Corps!
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