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[tor-talk] Tor is released!

Hi, all!

Tor is the first stable release in the Tor 0.2.7 series. It
makes no changes beyond those in; the summary below lists
all changes in the 0.2.7 series.

You can download the source from the usual place on the website.
Packages should be up in a few days.

(Below is the changelog.  See the ReleaseNotes for a complete
list of everything that changed in 0.2.7)

Changes in version - 2015-11-20
  The Tor 0.2.7 release series is dedicated to the memory of Tor user
  and privacy advocate Caspar Bowden (1961-2015). Caspar worked
  tirelessly to advocate human rights regardless of national borders,
  and oppose the encroachments of mass surveillance. He opposed national
  exceptionalism, he brought clarity to legal and policy debates, he
  understood and predicted the impact of mass surveillance on the world,
  and he laid the groundwork for resisting it. While serving on the Tor
  Project's board of directors, he brought us his uncompromising focus
  on technical excellence in the service of humankind. Caspar was an
  inimitable force for good and a wonderful friend. He was kind,
  humorous, generous, gallant, and believed we should protect one
  another without exception. We honor him here for his ideals, his
  efforts, and his accomplishments. Please honor his memory with works
  that would make him proud.

  Tor is the first stable release in the Tor 0.2.7 series.

  The 0.2.7 series adds a more secure identity key type for relays,
  improves cryptography performance, resolves several longstanding
  hidden-service performance issues, improves controller support for
  hidden services, and includes small bugfixes and performance
  improvements throughout the program. This release series also includes
  more tests than before, and significant simplifications to which parts
  of Tor invoke which others.

  (This release contains no code changes since
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