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[tor-talk] Removing viruses from the BIOS Chip to Vladimir and Matthew Kaufman

To Vladimir:

Hi Vladimir,

You did not reply through regular email so the NSA may have blocked my incoming email. In fact today I received virtually NO email from TOR. Obviously what you sent me appears to be a genuine response. But I showed your response to a friend who knows how to program but he could not understand what you were telling me to do. So there is still a problem for me but not for you. _*Here are your responses to me asking how to remove BIOS Chip computer viruses: *_

1.) "see doc. on INT 9h (hardware interrupt) and INT 21h (BIOS keyboard)"

            2.) Trace(debugger) from INT 9 vector - and see all...

3.) Use loadable INT 9/21h driver - and any viruses can't have control...
                 (checked debugger in mem int 9 --> our driver).

4.) Virus can't be detected, if signature not in antivirus-collection, but
                  debugger show all...

5.) Also use not connected to network computer for typing and removable FD/flash...

I need step by step instructions on to precisely accomplish this meaning that I need more information on how to do what you said. Remember YOU are a Hacker already! I am NOT! So Big difference! So please imagine you are writing a book: _*"Removal of NSA Computer viruses placed on the BIOS CHIP FOR DUMMIES*_

Thanks very much. I hope you liked what I sent you and have decided to send it out to your complete mailing list. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you in the very near future. (Once again TOR does not permit attachments.)

Bill Depperman

_*And to Matthew Kaufman I wrote:*_


Do you know how to or have you ever removed a virus from the BIOS Chip? Attacking the BIOS Chip is how it is done these days by NSA. Apparently they do not bother with the hard drive and go directly to the mother board. Here is what I wrote on the ANT Program described by Edward J. Snowden. See the bottom of *_page 8_*. I also recently completed the _*Materialist Analysis of Theoretical Astrophysics*_. It is self-explanatory. Before we meet to talk please read these 2 documents and at least read the first several pages of the second document and tell me what you think. If we are are going to talk it is good to know what is to be discussed.

Bill Depperman

On 11/21/2015 11:27 PM, Matthew Kaufman wrote:


Are you in New York city? I will meet you.. to talk!

Here is what I wrote in the Materialist Analysis of Edward G. Snowden


*"_ANT_"* (*_Access Network Technology!_*) is the *_NSA_* Special Division which has surreptitiously installed an entire catalogue, an "*_NSA_* toolbox," of hardware products into computer networks and computers worldwide (*/Der Spiegal/*, December 30, 2013), penetrating their digital firewalls through special "back doors." *_ANT_* has burrowed into all security architecture made by major network and computer companies e.g. such as CISCO Systems, Junipur Networks and the Chinese Huawei and also Dell, HP and all the rest! For example, the name of the so-called "digital lock pick" for Junipur Networks is *_FEEDTROUGH Malware_* (Oy!) and is used to */_permanently_/* implant *_NSA_* surveillance programs into even mainframe computers, spy programs which can even withstand "across reboots and software upgrades." The specialists at *_ANT_*, the *_ANT PEOPLE_*, work in the *_NSA's_* department for *_Tailored Access Operations_* (*_TAO_*). The *_ANT_* hardware is very expensive but the costs are all taken care of in the *_Black Budget!_* No problem! A targeted monitor cable that allows "TAO personnel to see what is displayed on the targeted monitor" costs only $30.00, but an "active GSM base station" that mimics a mobile phone tower, which can monitor cell phones costs $40,000.00. The *_USB_* computer-bugging devices mentioned above, which are capable of sending and receiving data undetected via radio come in packs of 50 for over $1 Million! The *_ANT_* people (!) develop and preferentially plant malware in the *_BIOS chip_* on the motherboard. This makes is invisible to anti-virus or anti-malware programs. And even if the hard drive is completely erased and a new operating system is installed the *_ANT_* malware continues to function and ensures that new spyware can again be loaded onto what was thought to be a "clean computer!" The *_ANT_* developers call this *"_Persistence_,"* which simply means *_NSA_* has permanent access to the computer. Another (nameless?) program attacks the hard drives of Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor and Samsung undermining the security of both American companies and *_ALL_* companies! Other *_ANT_* programs target Internet large-scale routers and hardware firewalls intended to protect company networks. Many digital attack weapons are "remotely installable" over the Internet, while others require a direct attack, which the *_NSA_* calls an *"_interdiction_"* in order to install it. This writer has had his computer completely taken over by *_NSA-ANT._* The NSA has installed its software in the *_BIOS CHIP_* of both computers so "anti-virus" and "anti-malware (e.g. Malwarebytes)" is totally useless. This writer has keystroke-by-keystroke real time team monitoring & open harassment. If the *_ANT_* software was removed it could be immediately re-installed!

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